Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh My Gracious...


Testing, testing -- 1,2....3?

Is there anybody still out there in blogland...somewhere? lol

Many MANY apologies that I haven't blogged since -- JANUARY?!???! 

Gracious me...

Um, let's see, what has happened? 

(Hah. You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you.)

Well, I finished my freshman year of college. Sophomore year starts on Monday. Geez how time flies. I feel like I should be inside doing school with the kids at the kitchen table instead of enjoying the sunshine in this hammock and...being a terrible steward of this blog...buuuh.

My plans for the summer were few but still plans: Work a few horses for some people I knew around town. Attend Breyerfest with my cousin. Show Joey Joey in the local horse shows this summer. I got a job, so there's that to keep me busy. And enjoy the swimming pool -- aahhhhh.

What ACTUALLY happened this summer: 

I, er, I.....kind of went to Alaska for 3 months instead?
Working horses?
Cliff diving?
Beach racing?
Bear hunting?
Halibut fishing?
Canoeing (with killer whales)?

But I'll stop making excuses now.  

We also obtained a tenant this summer just before I left (which was, like, two days after school ended):

Joey's first horse interaction in 5 years. ^.^ 

Name's Cody. And we all know age doesn't matter in this world, regardless of who you are. He's my pastor's reliable mount who hasn't had serious work in a long time. Pastor wanted me to come over and train him. I was always busy. So Pastor brought him to me -- two weeks before I left for 3 months. Woops. And now I understand perfectly why he wanted me to come give him some serious rides. -.- 
Pastor or Pastor's Wifey -- I'm sorry if what I'm about to say offends you or worries you in any way. But this is my blog and I'll say what I want.


After those two weeks of consistent riding on my part, Cody was deemed unridable for the rest of my family (and honestly I was a little afraid to keep climbing on him. There was just no end to his bad attitude). 
I come home (last week) after 3 months of gaining new confidence in risky ventures on wild young horses in Alaska and find my barn much worse than when I left, both unhealthy horses, and Cody pushing and threatening all the humans around him. The old fart. -.-

First day back I rode both of them -- just out to the field, a few circles and a little trotting and then back again. (They were honestly that malnourished and left to themselves that I didn't feel safe or comfortable doing anything more.) But boy did I miss my Joey. He was an angel, just as always. ^.^ <3 A day or two later, I saddle up Joey and we go on a long walk with Cody following freely behind us. (They have developed quite the friendship.
...oh dear.)

And yesterday morning I was rudely awakened from my slumber by the exclamations of "Sam! Come quick! Cody's out [again]!" -.- I take my sweet time getting ready...for war. I go out, tie him up, feed Joey. And then Cody and I saddle up and ride away. 
First I took him to the field to figure out how the heck to lunge this horse. I've been told he can do it. But the last time I tried, he was the local idiot. This time, I made him figure it out. Made him.
Yay! That was [finally] a success! Now let's go on a trail ride and see what you can really do undersaddle when you're not distracted by Joey Joey. 
Man can this horse run.
And man can this horse pitch a fit.
And I haven't been this afeared for my life on horseback least a while if ever. 
But we don't let him know that. Hah.
He tried every trick in the book to scare me off. But I've just come back from riding The Big Cheese at Echo Ranch in Alaska -- I bet I'm tougher than you. lol

Anyway, to make a long and scary ride short: I didn't die. And Pastor or Pastor's Wifey -- I'm not giving him back. At least not right now. 

But yeah. So that was pretty much my summer. I a teeny tiny nutshell. I'll try and write more about Alaska later (some pictures? would you like that?) :)

Thanks if you're still around. lol You're hilarious.

~Sam + Joey 

.....and now Cody....


  1. Yay you're back! Yay freshman year! Yay Alaska! Yay riding wild horses...where did you go in Alaska? That sounds awesome! Sad for your ponies being in worse shape...but I'm sure they'll be back to normal soon now you're back. :)

  2. Yes, I'm still here! I check your blog every week! :)


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