Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day!

So today we had a snow day. :D

Morning feed time:

 Snow is falling -- but not sticking...

Evening feed time:

*Note: Not real horse.

Up to Joey's chest! :o (haha Stablemate-sized Joey braves the cold. xD ) (Custom-made by my cousin, Erin Long) But then I thought: O.O BREYER PHOTOSHOOT! O.O

Traditional-sized Joey Joey
Loki, hock-deep. 

Thor -- my sister's new handsome devil.

Upon Maggie knocking Loki over in the snow during one of her mad dashes to catch my own dog, I got yet ANOTHER genius idea:


Horsey snow angels!! ^.^

Traditional-sized Joey Joey


Slick looks like an Appy in this one. x)
These next two are actually different sides to the one horse: Slick N Shiney, my Rocky Mountain Horse model. It's kinda cool how different they look. :)
Meanwhile,  Lexi's enjoying herself...


 This is usually where Maggie is -->
...always waiting in stealth mode...

And then suddenly (!!!) ---- A VISITOR.

The day we moved back in and saw a Hispanic man coming out of our woods with a machete and his massive Chow dog by his side, claiming that his lambs had gotten loose and were roaming through his neighbors' yards, we knew that we would have an interesting time with P. as our neighbor... I can't help but wonder if Titus (as we've dubbed the intrusive billy goat) was one of those lambs that got out that day. hmm.

Aaaaand of course Joey's just as cute as ever. <3

*snuffle*snuffle* snow

I mustache you a question; but I'll shave it for later. ;D

Goober horse...

Hope you're having a vonderful day! Thanks for stopping by. ^.^