"See No Evil"

Presenting my story with Joey, written down and awaiting the publishing process!

"See No Evil" is the 52,000+ word novel that I finished writing for the 2012 NaNoWriMo challenge.


"See No Evil" is the story of how a girl found her horse and how they found an unlikely bond by never giving up on each other, no matter what happens.


What kind of sick reality was this? What God would twist my dream of owning my own horse like this? I didn’t know any other girls who’s horses had gone blind. In fact, I didn’t know anybody who had a blind horse. I had not heard one single story of a blind horse. Tyler’s voice brought my consciousness back to the surface of reality, and it was then that I understood why I hadn’t heard any stories about blind horses before. “Would you like me to put him down?” he asked me quietly. A sob escaped my mother as the thought went through her mind. “You probably should,” Leann advised me seriously. “I don’t think that you could ride him easily, or even move him out to your house, a place that is unknown and new to him; a place that he would have to learn. It could prove to be dangerous to keep him.” “She’s probably right,” Tyler agreed gently. “But I need to know what you want to do.” I watched Mom cry. But I myself didn’t feeling anything. What was wrong with me? I should be crying with my mother, telling Tyler that it was okay to euthanize Joey Joey because I didn’t know what on earth I was supposed to do with a blind horse when my parents didn’t know hardly anything about horses and I myself was only sixteen years old. And I didn’t feel a thing!
“No,” I heard myself saying automatically. “I don’t want to put him down.” I turned my head and saw my mother regarding me with wide, red eyes, her mouth nearly gaping in astonishment. What was I saying?

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  1. You are ridiculously good at writing. I cant wait to read the rest!!
    Your Favorite Cousin ;)

  2. I would definitely read this! I already am intrigued and want to hear more!

  3. Uhhhh YEAH!!!! This is awesome!!


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