Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hello? Anyone There?

Not that there's anybody still reading this blog, but....

I thought I'd post a (very overdue) update. Joey and I aren't doing so hot. :/ As of this minute I am confined to the couch on what is my first week of winter break from school. What a way to kick it off, after all I had planned -- with a terrible chest-cold. -.-
As a result of my busy schedule of the last few months (I have a real job now! and school. bleh.) Joey isn't feeling the love. He's been listless lately and not eating all of his food. He nickers when I come out to feed when I get the long-awaited chance; but that's all I have time for now, and I can tell it's taking its toll on him. It's really sad and makes me want to cry when I think about it.
Thus, I cannot bear to keep up with the blogs I used to love to read. At the same time that they give me my quick horse fix for when I can't hang with my boy, they only make the longing worse.
For some reason the other day, I threw an old Horse Illustrated magazine into my purse to skim through during my break at work a few days ago. It was when I was doing just that on my break when I realized why I had shoved all my horse books and such to the side: I long to jump again. I want to fly. I want again to work on training myself and horses to move fluidly around the ring together, striving to make it look effortless. I want it so badly to the point where it scares me sometimes. So I bury it, telling myself it was just a phase when I was 12...
So here I lie on the couch -- while my heart frolics in the front paddock with Joey, lifting his spirits as well as mine.
I thought I would watch my only horse training video -- the one with the trick riders and the barrel prospects. But I have torn my room apart looking for it. *sigh* So I blog, and whine to my fellow horse obssessors who may stumble across this pathetic post.
I bought two new Breyers today and they're gorgeous. I thought having a new horse to play with inside and drool over would help. Seems to only make things worse.
Houston, we have a problem. And after waiting with my parents for over 10 years for it to subside...I think it's time to accept it as more of a chronic condition.

Anybody wanna add their two-cents or advice for how to soothe the horse fever? I don't mind the chest-cold...but it's doubly hard when I have such an insatiable horse craving at the same time that I can't get off the couch.