Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Unconditional Blessings--But Even More To Be Found

Just some thoughts I had the other day that I wanted to put down somewhere:

I think that before, in my spiritual practices, I honestly thought that God would not do as I asked/take care of me unless I consistently read my Bible and prayed for these things. If I was not consistent in my spiritual practices, I honestly thought that as a result, I was more vulnerable to bad things happening to me -- I had not asked for His belssings/guidance/protection, nor had I remaind faithful; so He wouldn't love me. At least, that's how my train of thought used to travel.

But what I've seen over the last year is the opposite. I believe that I have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, and therefore I am a child of God, receiver of all of His blessings as well as His fatherly, loving discipline.
Over the last year, my spiritual practices have been sporadic at best. And yet, the LORD has dealt boutifully, generously, and mercifully to me. I have discovered, truly, that God's blessings are not dependent on me. He gives them freely to me without conditions. Amazing, isn't it?
Rather, the spiritual practices are for my own benefit. There are so many "extra" blessings that can be gleaned from reading God's Word and talking to Him that He has hidden there for me. It's like having a treasure in a chest; I just have to take the time to open the chest. That's all. No conditions and contracts attached to taking time to open the chest. And you know what? There are even more hidden blessings to be found in consistency and routinely commiting the spritual pracitces. No strings attatched.
So, if God's blessings are not dependent on the consistency of your spritual practices, and if there are a bounty of extra, hidden blessings to be found upon commiting the spiritual practices with absolutely no strings attatched, why not take the small amount of time it takes to simply open the chest to access the treasure?



  1. So many people spend their lives trying to be good enough for God. Until we realize the futility of that way of thinking we can never experience the treasure chest of blessings that await! I'm thrilled that you "get it" Samantha! I love you....and by the way, the "hat" looks great!!! :)


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