Friday, February 15, 2013

UPDATE!! (And Blog Change)

Okay, so I really wanted to customize the blog. And--Viola! Like it? The Creative Images pic at the top is one of my senior pictures; I will change it to one without the label soon.

Just wanted to update the blog and say that I promise that I will back into blogging soon. Our Internet has been out since my birthday (which was Tuesday, the 12th. YAY!) So no opportunities there. :/

If you're reading this: thanks so much for being a faithful reader. So sorry I haven't been on much. Hope to give you some good material to read later this week. :D

Until then,



  1. Whoa! I love the new header, Sam! =) Your eyes are lovely!

    I received your letter yesterday and will write back soon.

    Happy birthday! =D


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