Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hello? Anyone There?

Not that there's anybody still reading this blog, but....

I thought I'd post a (very overdue) update. Joey and I aren't doing so hot. :/ As of this minute I am confined to the couch on what is my first week of winter break from school. What a way to kick it off, after all I had planned -- with a terrible chest-cold. -.-
As a result of my busy schedule of the last few months (I have a real job now! and school. bleh.) Joey isn't feeling the love. He's been listless lately and not eating all of his food. He nickers when I come out to feed when I get the long-awaited chance; but that's all I have time for now, and I can tell it's taking its toll on him. It's really sad and makes me want to cry when I think about it.
Thus, I cannot bear to keep up with the blogs I used to love to read. At the same time that they give me my quick horse fix for when I can't hang with my boy, they only make the longing worse.
For some reason the other day, I threw an old Horse Illustrated magazine into my purse to skim through during my break at work a few days ago. It was when I was doing just that on my break when I realized why I had shoved all my horse books and such to the side: I long to jump again. I want to fly. I want again to work on training myself and horses to move fluidly around the ring together, striving to make it look effortless. I want it so badly to the point where it scares me sometimes. So I bury it, telling myself it was just a phase when I was 12...
So here I lie on the couch -- while my heart frolics in the front paddock with Joey, lifting his spirits as well as mine.
I thought I would watch my only horse training video -- the one with the trick riders and the barrel prospects. But I have torn my room apart looking for it. *sigh* So I blog, and whine to my fellow horse obssessors who may stumble across this pathetic post.
I bought two new Breyers today and they're gorgeous. I thought having a new horse to play with inside and drool over would help. Seems to only make things worse.
Houston, we have a problem. And after waiting with my parents for over 10 years for it to subside...I think it's time to accept it as more of a chronic condition.

Anybody wanna add their two-cents or advice for how to soothe the horse fever? I don't mind the chest-cold...but it's doubly hard when I have such an insatiable horse craving at the same time that I can't get off the couch.



  1. Oh wait, not done yet.

    There is no cure. Once you have the Chronic Horse Fever, you are doomed for life my friend. I'm afraid that even with the chest cold I'd be at the barn in the stall with a blanket and a big thermos of hot tea and honey, just hanging out.

  2. Yep, it's a life thing. No cure. Might as well accept it and join the dark side... ;)

    As for work and school, that is tough to balance--really tough--but you CAN do it! It means late nights and early mornings and squeezing in time whenever you can, but just getting out there and doing groundwork with Joey or grooming him or whatever you can find time to do will make a big difference. Trust me--this semester has been my WORST. EVER. and I found that I just make time, even if I "don't have" it. I think of it as the therapy that keeps me from having a breakdown (which is likely more true than not), so it's worth it if I don't study as much because I'm at the barn! :) Cheers! You've got this! (and hope you feel better soon!)

  3. I fell off a pony and broke my arm at the age of 4. Didn't sway me one bit! Horses for life!

    I have been having so much trouble finding riding time this year and it really sucks! It's made me a bit of a wreck honestly (and my own lack of blogging is a reflection of that...there's just nothing to write about). It sounds silly but to me Dee has seemed a bit resentful, too. Doesn't make me feel better about the lack of time in the saddle. But I keep telling myself we'll finally find the other side of this and I'll be able to get back to my regularly scheduled program. I miss those days of spending hours with her! Those days will return.

  4. :( Sorry you aren't feeling well, I hope you get better soon and can go out and spend more time with Joey.


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