Wednesday, October 17, 2012

About Me--Yay!

Hello again!

I guess a blog needs more than one entry (at least, that's what I always think when I find a really cool blog, but it only has one post -_- ). Not saying my blog is really cool or anything. . .yet. ;)

I'm not really sure what to post about. I've had a blog twice before; and usually things to post about would continually pop into my mind; or I would feel really convicted about sharing something that was on my heart, and--WAM--there's your blog entry for the day (that was back when I was also posting on a daily basis. . .) Well, let's see, I guess I could just tell ya'll a bit about me.
My name is Samantha Jo; my best friends call me Sam (because they choose to, not because I'm like, "ONLY my BEST friends can call me Sam!" or "You have now reached the status of BEST friend, you must now refer to me as Sam."), my cousin, I think, is the only one who calls me Sammy (again, because she thought of it); and occasionally somebody will call out a "Sammy Jo!"; I don't really have a preference. Oh, except for these stupid college applications I'm filling out; they're like, "Name preference?" and I'm like, "Ugh, I'll just say 'Samantha' and explain it when I get there." -_-
I'm 17 years old. Yeah, on the verge of growing up and lots of change. I'm seeing as the years go by that change can be good. In fact, most of the time it is good, and just what I needed to keep living. But I'll let you know that I generally don't really like change at first; don't get me wrong, I'm not like, "Things HAVE to and MUST stay the same, or I'll commit suicide" or somthing. I'm game for change; I'm just scared, is all. Growing up is the scariest thing ever (yeah, even more so than Slender Man ;) )
So, 17 years old; that must mean I'm a senior (in highschool; haha -_- ) And you would be correct with that assumption. But as for actually graduating: never assume. Haha, just kidding. ;D No, I started opporation "Finish School Before Graduation" last month, when I plunged into senior-year. What? I forgot to mention I was homeschooled? Well, don't worry, I shall try to use small words and help you keep up. ;) I've been homeschooled since my third-grade year. Homeschooling has had its ups and downs, just like everything else. And, yeah, some days the thought flickers in the back of my mind, "If only I were public-schooled. . ." But I know that God put me where I'm at for a reason. And I'm really so grateful that He moved my parents to make that hard desicion about my schooling all those years ago. I've definitely learned far more than I would have if I was in the public-school system (and I'm not just talking academics, here).
Yes, I'm homeschooled; and the next valid question would be, "How many 'classmates' do you have?" Well, we all know that by "classmates" you mean siblings. I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers--6 siblings in total (7 kids in our family total, in case that didn't add up fer ya ;) ). Given one of them is out and living on his own already at age 20; he's an Army Ranger based in Georgia. But, yeah, the other 5 are here with me, ages ranging from 3 to 16. We were born in the order of boy-girl-boy-girl, so that would make the youngest as well as the oldest a boy. Sometimes I'm not so sure that was the best way to go but. . .I kid. God knows what He's doing. ;)
And--BOOM!--I'm a horse-lover. As in: horse FANATIC. As in: I don't get how you can NOT be completely fascinated by these beautiful, powerful creatures of God's animal kingdom. I haven't always been so horsey: I was born a diva (in a way), and remained diva until I was 8 years old. Then I saw the animated motion picture "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" and recieved a plush horse for my 8th birthday; and it was bye-bye Mary Kate and Ashley and hello Black Beauty. Ever since, I read, dream, speak, breathe, and even smell like horses. I collect horse books, models, pictures, and facts (haven't you ever heard of somebody collecting facts before?). I worked with hunter/jumpers when I was 12 for about 2 years. Then I moved back to Mississippi when I was 15 and worked a little with rescue and western horses. Yeah: BIG difference. But I'm glad God has graced me with a wide variety of training with these wonderful animals. I enjoy every minute of it. And I mean "every minute" because for almost 3 years now I've had a horse of my very own! And with this particular gelding, God has given me a very unique situation and story. A story, alas, for another time. But I will tell you that Joey Joey is a black, 7 year old, purebred Quarter Horse, bred by an old cowboy in the next county over for speed events--which anybody who watches him go around a tree can tell. Joey is my first [and currently only] horse. Strangely enough, he's blind. But that doesn't stop him from having a good time ALL the time! He LOVES to run; and spin; and just be a horse. He does get lonely out there in the paddock by himself; with school being the way it is, I don't have all the time in the world to spend out there. But Mom and Dad have promised me they'll get him a buddy when I go off to college next fall. Mom's talking about a miniature donkey?? o.0

So, yeah.
My sister Shelby and I have gotten dragged into the story plot of the TV show "Heartland". Nothing like the books. At all. But we're into it, just the same. :P
Music is the second-half of my life (horses being the obvious first-half). I don't really have a favorite genre (to listen to; I play more classical and contemporary on piano, and country on the guitar). Although I always end up switching my radio back to that country station at the end of the day, smiling to myself at the old familiar songs (I grew up on country only).
I also love to write. It's my personal form of communication. I could not function, personally, without writing (and I don't mean that in the obvious-noduh way). I've been attempting to capture that story idea since I was 7.
I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and rain. I take ballet (shocker!) on Friday afternoons; just started that my senior year; hooray for people who break out of stereotypical molds (I was always told I was a tom-boy, sooo yeah. :/ ) In case you can't tell: I'm a Christian! And I'm Republican in my political views.
And now you know a little bit more about the person you're reading from. I always think that's important. ;)
We're going out of town this weekend, but I hope to post more when we get back. Feel free to comment; and I hope you check back next week for another entry. Thanks for reading.
Now I've gotta figure out how to find blogs to follow. Google's changed the format on me. -_-


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