Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NaNoWriMo is OVER!!!


So, I ought to let you know that I. . . .

. . . FINISHED MY NOVEL!!!!!!! ^.^

. . .You have no idea. O.O Well, unless you were doing NaNoWriMo right along with me.
The first draft of "See No Evil" by Samantha Hoskins (title is subject to change. . .maaaybe) was finished on November 25, at around 9:00PM. Aren't you so happy for me?!? I thought I wasn't going to write much during Thanksgiving, seein as how my older brother who is currently stationed in Georgia as a Ranger in the US Army came home to kick off the holiday season with us (YAY! ^.^ ). But things were surprisingly laid back around here; so I thought, "Instead of sitting around on the couch looking like I'm gonna fall asleep in front of the fire with everyone else, I could be using this time to contain some very valuable thoughts." Thanksgiving week was composed of some really early mornings, and some very late nights. Not exactly the sleeping schedule I'm used to; but a severe cold decided to move in the day after I finished my novel, making it impossible for me to catch up on sleep (which is what more experienced NaNo-ers recommend for a proper reward for finishing. -_- )
Oh well; I have ordered the Winner's T-Shirt and now sit with this printed manuscript in my hand wondering when does one go about revising and editing a novel that came via a mad rush of creative juices? Some say that that is what December was designed for. Other's say throw it in a hatbox under the bed until the end of summer. For me, personally, I have days (like the day after I finished) when I want to go ahead and see if I can use the last 5 days of NaNoWriMo to fully edit my first draft into a second (mostly for the sake of having it DONE-done). But then there are times (like the night that I finished my novel) when I wanted to pretend that the manuscript wasn't there, needing spellcheck and going over. At least I have the excuse of a cold, right?

Goodness, I'm so bad.

Once again, the above paragraph was typed out more than a week ago. -_-

Now I have added a tab at the top of my blog specifically for my novel. Sure, the novel itself isn't completely edited and published yet; but it would still be encouraging to already get some feedback on it. So how 'bout it? Do you think that YOU would read my novel if it was published?

You may also notice that I added another tab at the top of my blog for Joey Joey. Can't forget about him. And that way those of you who don't follow my blog regularly, or who followed it later than the very first entry won't be like, "Who the crap is Joey Joey and what's so special about him?" And you might have a better idea at what the two of us have been through already and where I'm coming from, if I ever post about him (which I'm surely to do).

So, now that NaNoWriMo is over I've been asked by many of my siblings what I'm going to do on the computer now. Blog more? (You'd like that, wouldn't you? ;) ) Obsess over my virtual horses? (For those of you who are interested: I play Howrse []. I am Tom Smith on the international server, and Riddle on the American server. Feel free to PM or friend me. :D )
. . .Write another novel? *looks around sneakily*
The truth is, since I actually finished a story idea for once, I've been thinking: What's keeping me from finishing those three other ideas that I already have partially on paper up in my room? Procrastination? Poor discipline? Well, I proved this past month that I can conquer those problems. So, yes, I am currently working on some other literary works (all about horses, of courses). I am jumping back into my horse-gaming (too many Fjords!! And I almost breed the top Gypsy Vanners). And of course I would like to do more blogging. Perhaps I will. It depends on if I remember that I would like to when I'm actually on the computer (those virtual horses take up a lot of my time on here; and it's not like I have any serious readers that I actually have to appease on my blog).

So now, I shall finally sign off. I still  have a little ACT prep to do before Saturday. O.O

Thanks for reading. And have a great day! (Because you do control whether your day is good or not, you know. Just pointing that out.)


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