Monday, April 22, 2013

More Changes to the Blog and Votes for Photos!

Ok, so, I want to enter a horsey photo contest that ends in June. June the first, to be precise. And these are the two pictures that have gotten the most votes so far. The judges are looking for a clear, clean photo that has a good subject and doesn't show poor horsemanship; and the "theme"/objective of the contest is "your horse being a horse/doing what he loves best". They didn't mention grazing on their list of horsey things for some odd reason, but knowing Joey. . .it was a no-brainer. ;)

Picture #1
Picture # 2

Yay! It worked! (The silly blogger-thing wouldn't let me type here, only on the captions to the photos. I've been sitting here trying for a good 10 minutes. -.- )
And THANK YOU, SILLY BLOGGER-THINGY; now I am all out of time to actually type a legit blog post-entry-thing. -.-
So yeah; vote for your favorite picture above, (<-- comma. there) below in a comment -- Haha: "above below". :P
Probably better add a comma. . .
Registering for college has been unnecessarily hard. -.- Making my THIRD trip to the admin. office tomorrow, or Friday, or whenever I choose to go back. I'm done doing it on their time.
 . . .but then, I guess I would have to go more times, huh?
Oh, and more updates to Prints. I retyped Joey's page and added some different pictures. Check it out. See if you can spot all the changes. ;)


  1. #1! So artistic. ;) Oh and hi...I found your blog a while ago and I'm happy you've returned to posting! :)

  2. Picture 2. The lighting is WAY better and so is the composition, mostly because Picture two is balanced and draws the eye to his face, whereas picture one the photo and Joey are fighting for your attention and it's confusing. (Sorry, went into photo nerd mode there for a sec)

    1. by photo and Joey I mean the flower and Joey. *facepalm*

  3. Number 2 gets my vote. I love the bright blue against his dark hair!

  4. thought thought thought.... Yeah, I really like # 2. The colors pop more, although I also like the flower setting off the horse in # 1...But I still vote # 2 . :) BTW, Love your blog!! :D


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